Ocean Swimming Course


India’s foremost ocean swim training center for casual swimmers to iron man contestants.

8 Sessions,  First introductory session 2.5 hrs

Following 7 sessions – 1.5 hour a session at Bay of life Beach Kovalam.




Understand and read ocean conditions, wave formations, ocean currents and a lot more by going for a swim with us. Contrary to the numerous myths surrounding oceans, oceans are completely safe provided one gains appropriate knowledge about the ocean and learns to respect nature. Learn the skills to feel at home in the sea.
Location: Bay of Life Beach, Kovalam, ECR

Includes: First Introductory session 2.5 hours + Seven 1.5 hr. sessions

TIME: 7 am   DAYS: 8 days Can be Customized
PRIOR BASIC SWIMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED. (POOL GRADE) Should be able to swim 100 mts in less than 5 mins