Kayaking in Chennai

Learn from the introducers of Kayaking in Chennai. Now Kayaking is closer to home than ever, situated in Kovalam on ECR, Bay of Life offers beginner to pro courses. Kayaking in Chennai was never this approachable.

Looking for unique fun family activities? Visit Bay of Life. Get your much deserved dose of weekend adventure with your family at the beach.

Bay of Life beach activities are safe for kids and adults alike. With our two seater and single seater kayaks you can take your family for a safe and joyful ride in the backwater or in our shetlered cove by the shore. There are always some fun beach actvities that will engage your family at Bay of Life.


First timers can discover the joy of Kayaking in Chennai, like it? Move on to learn and finish the Kayak course in Chennai and become mobile on ocean and flat water.
Enclosed Flat Water
Rs. 1,500

One on one training

Learn balance and strokes

Water safety and gear safety

KAYAKER PRO | 8 Days Course
Ocean and Flatwater Explorer
Rs. 17,000

Go PRO across open ocean conditions

Basics of Kayak Survey , Explore new water bodies



Join us on liquid trails. Kayak tours in Chennai and Tamilnadu. Exploring nature in a fresh new angle. Talk to us to join our next lake Kayaking. We also do Kayak rentals for seasoned Kayakers.

Kayaking in Chennai, East Coast Road, Kovalam/covelong

The Bay of Life beach is at a unique location. The closest usable beach of Chennai, shallow and beautiful. Artificial groynes provide additional shelter and security from winds. Surrounded by the Bay of bengal on one side and the Muttukadu backwaters on the other it provides a flexible option to choose your level of paddling depending on your skill level. The cove itself is a boon provides very mellow currents and a shallow beach. The marine life is harmless , the water is warm. It can't get better than this.

Kayak rentals in Chennai, ECR , Kovalam, Mahabalipuram

We rent all rounder Kayaks that can handle flatwater and reasonably calm oceans. They come with proper life vests and Kayak paddles. Showers and changing rooms are available at Bay of Life to freshen up after your kayaking adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do I need prior experience for the Kayaking course?

A. No. We have courses for absolute beginners who have never entered the sea. We also have pro level courses.

Q. Is knowledge of swimming required to learn Kayaking?

A. No. You will be wearing a life-vest all the time and guided one-on-one by an instructor.

Q. Is Kayaking at Bay of Life safe?

A. Definitely yes, Bay of Life has over seven years of experience in ocean sports and our founders have 20 years of experience in outdoor adventure, you are in safe hands. Our beach and backwater is relatively camp and beginner friendly.

Q. Where are your camps?

A. We are currently operating from our home turf which is Kovalam, near Muttukadu on East Coast Road. You can do your courses in an enclosed flat water, back water and the ocean.

Q. What do I need to bring along?

A. T-shirts and shorts/tights, sunscreen, towel, changing clothes.

Q. Should I book online to join kayaking packages?

A. Yes, being a one on one format prior booking will ensure availability of instructors and equipment.

Q. I have more questions, whom should I speak to?

A. Happy to help! please call +91 76670 75875 or mail us at contact@bayoflife.com