An Unexplored Surfing Destination:

India has about 7517 kilometers (4671 miles) of coastline, most of it unexplored in terms of surfing and other sea sports. The peninsular India is a treasure trove for surfers looking fresh breaks and surf spots. Almost 5453 km of coast line belong to the peninsular India along Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Goa. In less than a days travel one can cover the both east and West Coast experiencing the waves of Bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea.

Surfing Tips Specific For India

Do not Surf Alone!

India’s beaches do not have a consistent life guard program except few regions like Goa or Kovalam in Chennai (run independently by Bay of Life Chennai) hence its better you surf with a buddy at all times.

Try already explored surf spots first

It’s sensible to first cover familiar surf spots in India before attempting to search for new ones. This way, you get familiar to Indian environments, currents and local knowledge before attempting remote locations.

Watch out for Currents

It’s better to familiarize yourself with rips and currents pertaining to the surf spot by asking around and talking to fellow surfers, local fishermen of that area.

Local Culture and Activities:

Make sure you dress appropriately for different beaches in India, some regions are more orthodox than the others. Drinking on the beach, dressing provocatively might sometime invite unwanted trouble.

Watch out for that fishing boat!

Fishing is extensively practiced along the coats of India, make sure you do not interfere with the fishing activity in the beach, choose your spots and timing in accordance with the fishing activity of the locals and watch out for the fishing boat charging towards you, the boats tend to speed up as they approach the shore to gain speed to dock on the sand bank. So Watch out and paddle away perpendicular to the boats direction of approach.

General Surfing Tips

1. The Philosophy of Surfing – Fun!
2. Finding the Right Surfboard for you
3. Finding the perfect Beginner Surf Spot
4. The Surfing Popup
5. Riding Prone
6. Standing Up on your first wave
7. Getting Out
8. Catching the First Wave on your own
9. The Paddling Techniques
10. About Surf Wax


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Happy Surfing!!!

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