Knowledge dispels fear. Ocean is probably the most misunderstood water body on earth and most often taken lightly. This course will dispel your fear and teach you how to understand and read the ocean like a book.

Why swim when you can float? The techniques you will learn will let you stay out in the ocean for hours with out getting tired or exhausted. How to master and use buoyancy, wave action, currents to your advantage. Rule the elements.

Learn with the pioneers of ocean board sports and ocean literacy in India, Bay of Life is Chennai's first surf school. First accredited in India, fully certified crew from NOLS (USA), WMI (USA) , SFI (IND) , NIWS ( Goa). With more than 6 years experience in the ocean Bay of Life has trained over 5000 men and women, including 8 year olds. Get on board.


Learn about currents

Ever wanted to read the ocean like a book, understand and identify currents and use them to your advantage? Learn to enter a rip and get out safely. Become a ocean reader!

The science of waves and tides

Waves can tell a lot about the ocean's condition. Waves are great indicators of depth and even the weather! Familiarize yourself with wave formations and wave action for a well rounded ocean learning.

Flotation for rest, recovery and survival

Why swim when you can float? You will learn various flotation and treading techniques that will make your swimming in the ocean easy and enjoyable. With almost no energy spent you will be out in the ocean for hours. Freedom from a life vest.

Special warm ups and cool offs for ocean based sports

With Chennai's best fitness expert on the advisory board, specialized warm ups and cool offs keep spasm and sprains away.

Basic rescue training

Ever wanted to save people in the water? Now you will be able to with the world's most effective techniques in water based rescue.


Get fit in style. Look good

This is like a gym membership that never gets boring! Get fit in style with least impact on knees and joints as you workout in water. The sea will probably give you all the cosmetic skin care minerals for free!



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