Bay of Life is Chennai's first school to be accredited by the Surfing Federation of India- The National governing Body for Surfing In India.

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Our team consists of three wilderness first responders certified by the National Outdoor Leadership School, USA


Following highest standard of safety with ISA certified instructor, you know you are learning from the best.


Bay of Life is a social organisation driving ocean conservation through sport and education.


Passionately committed to protecting the ocean and promoting ocean sports for our
generation and most importantly the generations to come.

Showkath Jamal

A seasoned entrepreneur and a free-spirited adventure lover with a wide range of interests, ranging from law to herpetology! His many years of association with the people of Kovalam, stretching from pre-tsunami to post-tsunami times, paved the way for setting up Bay of Life Surf School in the village of Kovalam. A certified WFR from NOLS, USA, has worked under herpetologist Gowri Shankar at Agumbe and many other environmental organisations.

A graduate of  Cleveland State University with 7 years in business intelligence and software  at Yahoo! 3 years.  Director at Anmol Shrusti in Chennai and Coimbatore.  Favorite surf spot: Cowell’s in Santa Cruz

Sumeet Gulechha

Graduated from Cleveland state university and with seven years experience at Yahoo California, Sumeet is a partner and a much needed mentor for Bay of Life. A surfer himself Sumeet plays a pivotal role at Bay of Life. Lives in Chennai and also runs his own realty and interior design business. 

Kumaran M

An avid stand up paddler and geologist, Kumaran is a Limca book record holder for paddle boarding in the open waters of the Bay of Bengal and covering a distance of 7 kms.


Siddharth Chandrashekar

Masters in Zoology, Siddharth's passionate about surfing and marine life. At Bay of Life he does just the thing. A certified WFR from Nols and WMI. Loves dogs. Spearheading the school outdoor science programs at Bay of Life.


One of our oldest team member, yet younger than most of us. A warm and gentle instructor with all the excitement of surfing contained behind that friendly smile.

Krishna Bay of life surf school chennai surfing

Sri Krishnan

Our online and offline all-in-all, good in the water too. If you are a corporate looking for an awesome team outing, you know whom to call now.

Deepti Chavan

Almost a fish in the water, she surfs like nobody's business. Free energy provider for the whole team, things will never get boring around Deepti!