Ocean Swimming Course


India’s foremost ocean swim training center for casual swimmers to iron man contestants.

8 Sessions,  First introductory session 2.5 hrs

Following 7 sessions – 1.5 hour a session at Bay of life Beach Kovalam.




Understand and read ocean conditions, wave formations, ocean currents and a lot more by going for a swim with us. On the contrary to numerous myths about how the ocean, you will be able to see for yourself that it is in fact rather a safe and enjoyable environment.
Location: Bay of Life Beach, Kovalam, ECR

Includes: First Introductory session 2.5 hours + Seven 1.5 hr. sessions

TIME: 7 am   DAYS: 8 days Can be Customized
PRIOR BASIC SWIMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED. (POOL GRADE) Should be able to swim 100 mts in less than 5 mins