Discover Surf EXPERIENCE 2.5 hrs


2.5 hours of Awesomeness- For beginners

Experience for the first time a whole new world of safe ocean sport and learning Surfing. A fun-filled session that introduces you to the water sports.


2.5 hours of awesomeness! 

Tuesday to Sunday
1:1 Instructor Ratio
Advanced Introduction to Surfing and ocean.
Advanced Ocean literacy & safety
Free float: Ocean flotation
Learn to manage Currents and tides
Surfing white water waves Longer session
How to read the ocean and weather.
Deeper Understanding of waves and rips.

This is where beginners discover the joy of surfing. Perfect for newbies, novice swimmers who love the ocean.

Includes basic ocean safety training, ocean swimming surfing in a One on One format. Brand new package from the ocean experts at  experience

WHAT TO CARRY  Men  Women  Common
 Round neck T-shirt  Round neck T-shirt  Towel
 Shorts  Shorts/Tights  Shower gel
 Change clothes  Change clothes  Sunscreen
 Bag to carry wet clothes back
Do not carry loose jewelry / rings in the water.