Bay of Life welcomes you to experience the joy of the ocean. With a fully accredited surf school in Chennai and a combination of surfers and scientists in the team, there are many ways to have a blast at Bay Of Life.



Bay of Life Surf School in Chennai, India is the first accredited surf school in Tamil Nadu. Nestled in Kovalam – Chennai. Surfing lessons are offered at our beginner friendly surf spot at Covelong on the east coast road.

Feel free to talk to us for questions related to surfing / SUP in India, surf lessons, surf schools, boards rentals, surf spots, buying surfboards & accessories. Our objective is to make the adventure of surfing in India easy and enjoyable. So we go beyond the adventure tag in Chennai and have made surfing a sport for the curious. Knowledge is our strength which makes learning to surf with us safe and genuinely fun. Come feel the rush of adrenaline, experience a truly eye opening adventure activity in Chennai at the comfort of surfing with the experts at

Bay of life Surf School having created many national champions and hundreds of ocean lovers, has been creating positive changes in the Indian surf scene.

Making the beaches safer than ever not by barricading the shore lines, but actually putting people in the sea, geared not with life vests but the knowledge that will make them survive in any ocean. “Driving conservation through sport and education”,

Bay of Life is awarded the best surf school state award by the human rights protection association. Holding the record of conducting India’s first surf camp and the first school in Asia to conduct adaptive surf camp for special people with cerebral palsy. Aspiring to create continual positive impact in the sport of surfing, in India.

With a wordl record, three national records and 3 awards, you have come to the right place. It just gets easier from here!


Our first discovery in India is that any one can surf. The waves are nice and friendly, the water is warm and marine life is perfectly safe for sea goers unlike many parts of the world. All you need is a good institution to get you initiated and you will discover a ocean of joy.


Our team is a rare mix of surfers, biologists, lifeguards, instructors, engineers and conservationists united by only on thing - the ocean. With safety and expertise certifications from NOLS USA, WMI USA, NIWS ( IND), and the International Surfing Association, we have built a team that is knowledgeable, dedicated and approachable.