We know what you did last Summer!

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  • You booked tickets to an outstation destination, months ahead in advance.
  • On vacation you realized that most of the trip was spent in travelling.
  • At the scenic spots, you were hustling and fighting for private space in the crowds, even to snap a selfie.
  • Visiting relatives and friends were a “hopping affair” timed so as to not detract the tight schedule of the trip.
  • Companies indulged in hosting and conducting silly games that were even unsafe.
  • The trip only made you more exhausted than energetic
  • On the return journey you were dreading about going back to your daily grind, thinking if only your holiday could have lasted a day longer

Does one or more of the above sound familiar about what you did last summer? Or does the image above recall how the kids spent their vacation?


We could go on but what if we told you that you could have one of the most exhilarating time of your life, right here in Chennai itself and that too week after week and even day after day this summer. Would you believe?

Without any hassle of booking tickets, without fighting for spaces and giving yourself a whale of a time get ready for an experience of a lifetime at Bay of Life, Kovalam where a plethora of activities await your body and soul by the sea shore at this year’s Summer Surf Camp. For most Chennaites this is a veritable “first time”, fun feast where the enjoyment literally never ends. Surfing, Paddle-boating, Kayaking, swimming in the sea are just a few of the invigorating activities Bay of Life offers you, all conducted and taught by World Class Certified Experts in their professions.

Imagine, instead of being taken around with other families in a motor boat on a lake, you and your loved ones will be surfing the sea on a surfboard. How about a romantic Kayak ride on the sea? Instead of playing cricket (for several ladies it is a first time) how about a game of beach volleyball where everyone feels like a winning participant. We assure you that you’ll go back with such a feeling of elation that you, your families and companies will be back soon for more. Interested? or Can we say, “We know what you’ll be doing this summer.

Learn all about Bay of Life’s Summer Surf Camp.