5 Team Outing Activities You Can Do In Chennai

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5 team outing activities at Bay of Life, Chennai

  • Surfing

Anyone can surf! Surfing has been a fantasy to many in India, you get to do it with India’s first certified surf school. A fun group event activity by the beach, something that you will remember for a long time.

  • Kayaking

You know kayaking, but do you know it can be done in the sea, in the backwaters, in Chennai, finally as a team outing actyivity in Chennai? Come try and experience the fun yourselves.

  • Paddleboarding

Experience standup paddling. We brought it to Chennai 5 years ago, now you can experience walking on water with your team. Its easy fun and extremely entertaining watching your friends try to balance and fall. When they finally get it, there is no feeling that compares to your sense of accomplishment when you finally travel on water in style

  • Snorkeling (Feb-Mar)

Enter a whole new world of underwater life with your team, the shallow beach and friendly shores makes your team outing in Chennai as exciting as it can get. Grab your mask and snorkel and get ready to dive into a whole new experience.

  • Kattumaram ride

Chennai’s oldest team outing past time perhaps. Kattumaram ride is a 45 minutes ride into the big blue and back. While you are just done enjoying the crazy ride on motor boarts, you get to throw yourself in the sea, float around and have a blast.

  • Beach Volley Ball

Bring on your skills at spiking and smashing at one of the best team outing place in Chennai, beach volleyball goes really well with the sea and the surf.


Finally team outing activities for corporate groups that are unique, fun and purposeful. Way better than just eating and wasting away in a resort these activities brings your team together in a whole new way. Bay of Life is becoming a preferred team outing destination for corporates in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

  • Unique Beach Themed activities
  • As Chennai’s premier ocean sport and ocean literacy organization the team at Bay of Life has combined watersport with unique team activities making it a fun and learning experience
  • Swimming Not required for any of the team outing activities.
  • Fun for all ages- This team outing destination in Chennai is a pleasant beach with shade, almost feels like a private beach. Shallow sea about 3 feet deep only. Great fun.
  • Enjoyed by all gender- Women friendly environment and female-friendly team outing activities.
  • Within popular team outing budgets. The fee depends on the group size and weekend or weekday.


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