Don’t end up playing “DUMB CHARADES” on your next Team Outing!

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Dumb Charades?”, we were dumbfounded! That’s exactly what our colleague told us when he had gone outing with his team to Ooty some years ago. About 30 of them had booked the vacation almost three months prior to taking the trip. After reaching Mettupalayam the team got into a minivan to take them to the resort. A few minutes into the ride and someone decided to play “Dumb Charades”. The high energy in the group only elicited good participation. Soon two teams were formed and they started competing. This went on till the van reached the resort. After a quick refresher and breakfast the team is out again on the road visiting places and guess what’s going on inside? You guessed right, “Dumb Charades” again. Like a bad habit this continued everytime the team got into the van. Best part, our colleague confesses, there was only one topic, “Tamil Movie Names” and the teams couldn’t exhaust the list of names for the entire journey, i.e till they reached Coimbatore to board the train back to Chennai.

Certainly, There are better ways to enjoy boating

Another colleague who we thought was in a slightly better vacation was lucky to get on to a boat to visit an island off the coast of Singapore. For hours the team sat on the open boat in the blistering sun, looking at the waves and the coastline. An MC was having a trying time as he couldn’t engage the people on the boat to a game of “Bingo”, we repeat “Bingo” and that too with adults. On reaching the island just one couple got into their swimwear to go for a swim. Others just languished on the land sitting under trees and moving about. They had hardly an hour to spend on the island when they were back on that boring two hour boat ride back again for the return trip.

Vacations on the sea will never be the same again!

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