Summer Surf Camp 2019: Our 9th Year of Safe Fun


Experience for the first time, the world of safe ocean sport and learn to surf and stand up paddle. A fun-filled session that introduces you to the sport.

Camp Highlights:
Surfing|Ocean Swimming |How to read the ocean and weather | Understanding waves and rip | Ocean safety | Training on soft top boards | Surfing methodology and skill training | Entering and exiting the water safely | Includes equipment, showers and changing rooms.

Format: Weekend and Weekday options

Duration: 2 hours per day

Try out: 1.5 hours

4 days course (Weekend/weekday options)

8 days course (Weekend/weekday options)

One On One

Bay of life One on One session is the most popular format of surf sessions in India. Keeping in mind the mindset of people and parents, our sessions are designed to be  safe and enjoyable. We will remove your fear of the sea forever.

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A boon to Chennai, is the geographical feature of the cove part of the Kovalam beach. This is probably the most shallowest and the safest beach for kids and beginners alike. Visit the beach and see for yourself, this is truly the closest to Paradise beach in Chennai.


A surf school which combines the love for the ocean and science with sport, Bay of life's curriculum will make you embark upon a journey that will change the way you look at the ocean forever, eradicating fear and instilling a sense of belonging with nature. A boost to your self esteem and confidence is imminent when you start reading the ocean like a book and when you float peacefully in the calm sea without having on to cling to life vest, you know you have arrived.  And yes, when you catch your own wave and ride it, you will realise something that you always wanted to believe in, that you can accomplish anything. Wow, that was little too much, we need a new copywriter.

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We never compromise on the the team. We are proud of our team- the best, trained and certified in the country. Visit out team page for more details.

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