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Wetsuit – Women Full Length – Swimming, Diving, Snorkelling


Designed For : Snorkelling and scuba diving. Choose warmth. This snorkelling wetsuit can be used in a variety of different warm seas.

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Product Description

Age Range : Adult
Gender : Female
Storage instructions : Store on a hanger away from sunlight and damp.
Thermal insulation : 3mm full wetsuit seams taped using a GBS glued and stitched assembly.
Care Instructions : Rinse in fresh water. Do not leave to dry in the sun.
Freedom of movement : Stretch neoprene for added freedom of movement.
Impermeability : Smooth edge for maximum waterproofing.
Design : Neoprene wetsuits must be skin tight to be effective that’s why TRIBORD has developed specific sizing for the female body. The designs and prototypes of these products are tested “by women for women”!

Why use a 3mm wetsuit : Even in warm waters the body eventually gets cold. Use a thin 3mm wetsuit that will allow you to delay this drop in temperature so that you can enjoy your activity for longer. In addition use a full wetsuit to fully protect you from UV rays and the underwater environment.

Product Summary : One-piece with back zip. 3mm full wetsuit seams taped using a GBS glued and blind stitched assembly. Once a thin layer of water (that enters through the zip) gets trapped between you body and the wetsuit the water stays warm as it is not replaced.

Guarantee : 2 Years


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