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Designed For: Occasional PRACTITIONER. For use with a top or a wetsuit to prevent chafing. Flippers recommended.

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Age Range: Junior

Leash: 20cm .

Size: 36 inches.

Easy assembly/dismantling: Comes with leash plug mounted and a leash.

Composition: Polystyrene foam core. (EPS) foam polyethylene coating Comes with a basic leash.

Safety: Use a leash that is attached to wrist and fins in areas where you do not touch the bottom. You can Bodyboarding with fins in areas where you can surf. Do not hesitate to ask a lifeguard before going into the water.

Care Instructions: Rinse with fresh water after each use. Do not leave in the sun. This bodyboard is designed for recreational use in less powerful waves. There is a risk of bottom folding if use in violent shortbreaks.

Guarantee: 2 Years

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