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Size: XXL

Get wet in style! The perfect wetsuit for diving, snorkelling, swimming in tropical and colder waters. Prevents chafing, high UV protection and comfortable for prolonged wearing. The Tribord Wetsuit Shorty 100 Lady, a known product among divers and snorkellers. Lightweight and easy to put on, it gives you great freedom of movement.

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Product Description

Age Range : Adult

Gender : Female

Features : Crewneck:Prevents skin irritation on neck whilst efficiently stopping water entry.

Care Instructions : Salt water resistant. Advisable to rinse only with fresh water if storing for prolonged period. Do not leave to dry in the sun.

Durability : Neoprene with double sided lining makes it resistant to marine conditions.

Composition : 100% neoprene foam 100% polyamide outer and inner lining.

Thermal properties : Thermal comfort real 1.5mm neoprene foam padding.

Easy : Front zip making it easier to put on.

Neoprene : In neoprene clothing water trapped between the neoprene and the body is heated by the temperature of the body.

Restriction of use : Colours may fade in chlorinated water.

Guarantee : 2 Years

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