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Phone Waterproof Pouch

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Water sports, for those who want to protect their mobile phone from rain, spray and sand.

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Product Description

Age: All.

Gender: Unisex.


IPX4 level waterproofing: Resistant to spray.:tactile efficiency.

Easy transport: The touch screen of the phone can be used through the pouch.

Recommendations for use: Neck strap clips on to the pouch.

Durability : The closing system can be stiff at first. If this is the case, run the product under warm water to soften the system. Regularly check the watertightness by inserting a paper towel in the pouch and then running it under water.

IPX4 : If you are using the cord, clip both eyelets together at the same time.

Composition: The IPX4 level of waterproofing provides protection against sprays of water from all directions. This means it can withstand rain but cannot be immersed in water.

Pouch: 100% TPU Cord: 100% Polyester (PES): storage Advice

Store closed to preserve the shape of the fastening and therefore its waterproofing.

Guarantee: 2 Years.


Replacement and refund for this product is covered through our “Refund Policy“.


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