Super excited to share this joy with you! We have made a record in Stand up paddle.

A student and a trainer from Bay of Life Surf School Chennai have become the first to paddle 7 kilometers from the sea in India and the first around the world to attempt it in the Bay of Bengal.

On nothing but a paddle board a paddle the duo completed the record in less than 3 hours. This marks the endurance of the human spirit in the sport of surfing and paddle boarding and puts Chennai ahead in the country in ocean sport. The sea is a safe place if your understand it and there is no reason to fear the open waters.

Kumaran and Selvam from Chennai completed  7 kms (Water depth – 120 – 160ft (7 kms)) paddling from shore into the open sea. It was interesting to learn that in India, we were the first to complete this long-distance and deep water  feat, 7 kms from shore are almost to the edge of continental inner shelf. As you’re aware, continental shelf is much shorter and steeper in PALAR – ECR coast as compared to the broad and shallow continental shelf of West Coast, India. They  recorded our track with help of GPS software; same has been attached with this email (screenshot of Track and Stats of Paddling record).

I am glad to inform you that our record has been recognized by LIMCA BOOK of RECORDS and the surfing federation of India. April Zilg  a famous Stand up paddle board champion from World paddle association has congratulated the Bay of Life team for the record.