Sporting at a whole new level

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Here are some of the offbeat sporting opportunities the city has to offer. A quick shout out to all the girls out there — there don’t seem to be enough of you on the field! Read More

‘The King and I’

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Herpetologist P. Gowri Shankar talks to AKILA KANNADASAN about his lifelong affair with the King Cobra and teaching people to coexist with reptiles… Read More


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The immediate help for those stuck when the water came gushing into the city, came from citizens, people who decided to risk everything and save others. Some of those rescued and the rescuers share experiences of their ordeals and missions… … Continued

Sea of change

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Young surfers have taken their passion for the sport beyond the board FROM just treating it as a recreational sport, Chennai is fast turning into a surfing hotspot. Murthy Megavan, surfer for nine years and founder of Covelong Point surf … Continued

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