Get to know all about snakes at the STORM workshop

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Recall the scores of harmless snakes killed in and around our cities? You ask, “How do you know they are harmless?” and in reply We ask, “How do you know they are harmful?”. Did you know that in and around Chennai and most of TamilNadu only four venomous snakes can kill a human. Also that the common cobra is not the most venomous snake?

It is lack of awareness that takes the lives of innumerable harmless snakes. Several snakes like the Keelback are non-venomous and even their bites cannot kill a human. Sadly very few people are aware of this! The infamous Green Vine Snake, a beauty among snakes is tarnished with a false image that it targets the eyes of a human. In neighboring Kerala, where the killings of snakes is much less when compared to Tamilnadu there is a saying attributed to the common Rat Snake, “Chera kadikillya, kadichaal vesham erangillya.” Translated into English that would read, “The Rat snake will not bite but if it does the poison will not get into the victim”, a nice way of actually spreading the word about the rat snake that it is not venomous. However today’s generation don’t go by old sayings. Instead they need to be educated. Learn also what to do in case of a snake bite and the snakes to particularly avoid as antivenom is rare or scarce.

The Bay of LIfe foundation in association with well known Herpetologist Gowri Shankar of Nat Geo fame conducts the STORM (Scientific Training of Reptile Management) sessions and workshops regularly to spread awareness of snakes. The next session is on the 26’th and 27’th of May. Get your tickets before they sell out!

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