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Join the fun and try your hand at surfing! Choose from our 2, 3 and 5 day programs and make the ocean your playground!   SURFING * OCEAN SWIMMING * MARINE LIFE ONE ON ONE SURF LESSONS WITH EXPERT

Our Surf School Video

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  International Surf lessons in India and Stand Up paddling. Our objective is to make surfing in India easy and enjoyable. You can feel the rush of  adrenalin at the  comfort of surfing with the experts at Bayof life Surf School Chennai.

Surfing Etiquette

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Surfing Etiquette is probably the best development in organized surfing. These rules (not really rules in that sense) are super important during competitions and casual surfing. Disobeying these rules can get one disqualified from the competition. But if these etiquette … Continued

About Ocean Safety

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Surf Conditions to look out for Lateral Currents :  What are they? Littoral or Lateral currents are ocean currents that flow parallel to the beach or shore line. These currents vary in speed from rapid-flowing to subtle movements. These currents don’t … Continued

Surfing in India

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Surfing in India An Unexplored Surfing Destination: India has about 7517 kilometers (4671 miles) of coast line, most of it unexplored in terms of surfing and other sea sports. The peninsular India is a trasure trove for surfers looking fresh … Continued

Surfing Chennai

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RAY OF LIGHT CHENNAI WAKES UP TO SURFING AND OCEAN SPORTS From a city which feared the ocean, yet would throng the beaches to just stand ankle deep in the waves, now exposed to the thrill of surfing and the … Continued

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