Building better Teams

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Most managers and HR Personnel know this routine. The ads, the interviews, selections and making the negotiations for the right candidate and then doing the best to retain them. Inspite of this elaborate process do the members gel well with the team? Do the hired actually become a member of the team and contribute to “team work”? If that is true then why is there so much backbiting, ego-flaring and ego-thrashing, demotivation and eventually resignations. If the team members do not work cohesively as a team then the work done by team will also not be commendable.

Recall the video that went viral of a the passengers of a train in Perth who putting their might together freed a person who was stuck between the train and the platform. All these people who helped tilt the compartment were total strangers, yet in perftct unison they were able to pull off a stellar performance. If most teams at offices can unite and do the same, one can imagine the output! But sadly that’s not the case with teams. We are aware of the phrase “Familiarity Breeds Contempt” but then why do you need a team? Can we do the work with total strangers? And isn’t the objective of a team to achieve a goal? In fact a team is a winner with Big Goals.

Here’s where a psychological angle of the human mind is to be explored and exploited. Put these teams in activities outside of the office where they need to bond and to everone’s surprise amazing levels of bonding can be seen. These bondings are then carried over to the office where it helps immensely to dissolve petty problems that have been nagging teams for ages at work. Even complicated problems at work seem to be diffused or resolved with team activities outside the office. At Bay of Life we have several such activities that prompte such a bonding, kayaking, beach volleyball to name a few. We have also noticed that happy teams are those that go out for team outings on a regular basis.

For such perfect Team Outings contact Bay of Life. With certified coaches to help you with Surfing, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddling and Swimming in the Sea, you will be happy you did.

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