Watersports intern

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To ensure all visitors to Bay of Life, Kovalam Chennai
have a safe, fun and enjoyable experience.

- Check the number of the group, any medical issues and the activity to be carried out with the daily duty sheets, and daily briefing.
- Ensure all the group are appropriately dressed and equipped for the activity according to the risk assessment.
- Carry out the activity, whether a fun session, coaching or developmental, being aware the participants retrieves and returns the equipment within the allotted coaching time.
- Each session should follow our motto: Safety, Fun and Learning.
- Report any incidents in the record book and to the Site Manager/Directors.
- For children, to observe Bay of Life Safety Policy, located in the
- Operational Procedures/Safety Manual.

Other Duties:
- Assist customers when they hire equipment, with supply of appropriate safety attire. Ensure they have the knowledge to use the equipment hired with verbal questions, and visual checks.
- Ensure all equipment is maintained in clean and safe manner. Record in the equipment log any issues, and remove equipment to repair area.
- Assist with customer enquiries in a friendly manner, recording all details and providing information according to Waterland literature.
- Deal with payments appropriately. Discounts are provided at discretion of the Directors only.
- Maintain the building/office in a clean and tidy manner at all times. Other duties as required
- Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
- You have a duty to maintain your level of skill in your specific activities. In the time between activity bookings, you will be able to use equipment with the permission of Site Manager/Directors to practice your skills
- Courses will be provided according to the Training Plan discussed at the beginning of your employment.


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