Anyone Can Float

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Not everyone born becomes a Michael Phelps who can swim like a pro. There are a couple of people I have personally come across who say they know basic swimming but once their legs can’t reach the bottom they start to panic. Then you have people who just move for like 5 meters splashing a lot of water on the way. Even though swimming is a good thing to know, knowing how to stay calm in the water and floating around and swim slowly from point A to B is good enough.

Let’s start with a basic principle of physics: anything with a higher density than water will sink in water. The human body is, by weight, roughly two-thirds water. This means your density is similar to that of water. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to do much work to stay on top of the water.


Now before learning Swimming Floatinghow to swim, you need to know how to float and this comes naturally to everyone and I mean everyone.

Floating is the first step in learning how to swim

By default a human body will float on the surface of the water if one stays calm. In the case of floating individuals who have more fat content tend to float a lot easier than individuals with more bone density.

While trying to float your muscles also play a role, tense muscles also stops you from floating with ease. By relaxing your body you will find yourself floating with ease. Breathing is one of the keys in helping one to float.

As you fill air in your lungs, your lungs act as a flotation device to keep you afloat. Now the next time you find yourself in a pool and wanting to learn how to float,Slowly relax back into the water allowing your shoulders and head to recline as if lying down in bed. Small movements of your hands will allow you to stay face up with your mouth and nose out of the water, and continue to breathe naturally.


At first you may ask someone for support and once you are calm and learned to keep your body loose you will find yourself floating without any problem. Once you have learned Human float ECR-Swimming Floating how to float you can start to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and the next time you find yourself in deep water just stay calm, relaxed and float.


Once you have mastered the technique of floating, you can now come try snorkeling with us

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