Sea Slugs “The Unnoticed Critters of the Chennai Beaches”

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Sea hare ecr sea slug It was just another Saturday of surfing at Kovalam with Bay of life when all you’re thinking about is the waves and the great day ahead of surfing you’re come to have but you never thought to stop and see what’s inside a small shallow pool of water on the way to the shore. Because naturally when you seen water filled with algae you may think what could possibly live in this environment.

But that’s the beauty of sea slug, not all marine critters live in the vast blue ocean with your colorful coral reefs and clear water.

There are a bunch of guys who prefer the murky green backwaters of the whole environment which is sea slug.

These marine organisms are called

“Hairy sea hares – Sea Slug ”

is a species of large sea slug or sea hare, a marine gastropod belonging to the family Aplysiidae.

Estuaries and tidal pools are its home. The maximum recorded depth for this species is 7 m. Sea Slugs are found in dense concentrations as a pack or in solitary. They are herbivorous which feed entirely on diatom mats and films found on sand, mud and other benthic substrata.

Chennai sea slug

The body is variably colored, grayish-green with dark brown blotches and spots which are rounded.

The body is also covered with numerous long fleshy growths giving it is ragged look.

Like all other organisms, these ragged sea hares have a presence of skin glands which secrete a noxious substance which they use as the first line of defense against predators.

The purple ink-like secretion produced from the sea hares is commonly speculated to be a defensive mechanism similar to that produced by many octopuses, squids etc, which is a really cool thing.



Chennai kovalam ECR Marinelife Sea Slug











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