Learn how to float in water, even if don’t know how to swim.

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Knowing the technique to float in water can sometimes save you from trouble. If you ever fall unintendedly in water, while sitting around the pool or playing on the beach this technique might just save your life.


Staying calm is crucial, the more relaxed you are the better you float.

Step1.  Arch you back and align you body to the water surface

Step 2. Bend your neck backwards and look at the sky.

Step 3. Spread your arms and legs confortably wide. This spreads you weight and helps in optimal flotation.

Step 4. If you find your legs sinking, bring both your stretched arms a ittle closer to your ears this will shift your weight to your upper body and will cause your legs to raise.

Shout for help, wave your arms and go back to floating.

You wont spend much energy in this technique hence you can go on for as long as it takes. You can swim, swim towards the shore /bank if you feel tired start floating again, take depe breaths till gain your enerygy, continue swimming.

Step 4. Don’t ever give up.



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