The changing face of team outings

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Chennai is waking up to a new team outing that’s beyond just eating, drinking and sleeping in a resort!

Every time a team outing is planned the team is riddled with multiple opinions about where to go and what to do. After many rounds of discussion they invariably end up in a noisy restaurant or a resort, eat and sleep off. This is changing now, corporates are bored of the ‘East-Sleep-Team outing” saga and now choosing more active options.

Bay of Life Surf and Beach camp is one such endeavor to bring corporate teams to bond in a whole new way. Lose your fear, conquer the ocean, improves self image

Natural setting active bondingteam outing India bangalore chennai
surfing-team-outing-chennaiTeams can spend half a day / full day at the beach surfing, snorkelling, kayaking , paddleboarding with a dash of beach volleyball. Take a break under temporary tents at the beach and have a whale of a time. Do they have to know to swim, not at all! Bay of life beach is Chennai’s only shallow beach with only 2.5 to 3 feet on a average, you need not swim at all! life vests are provided for those who need a little reassurance. You get to learn about the sea and how to float in it. Surfing is a bucket list item for most people who love water.

A stress buster like nothing else
“A bad day at the beach is still better than a good day at work’. Surfing is known for its stress busting nature, when you immerse yourself in the sand and sea and all you can think of is you and your wave. It relaxes your mind and calms your senses. Each time, every time.
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