The coconut on the beach and the new Newton’s apple

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The story of how a coconut lying on the beach changed a child’s life, forever.

Remember how an apple changed the life of Newton and we were introduced to gravity? Now no one cares about a falling apple, even worse, when was the last time you even saw an apple tree? We all know that learning has changed over time and now it carries one fixed agenda-exams! At Bay of Life we are changing things around how children learn.

Ah back to the coconut, this is story of 12 year old who visited Bay of Life field trip with her school and we were doing our routine activities when this child saw a coconut in the sand and picked it up.

‘Drop it, It’s trash’ said her teacher ‘we don’t know where all its been’ she added.

The child dropped it and still stared at the coconut. She looked around and not finding any coconut tree, she was puzzled at who put it here or how it landed here.

I was standing and watching her amusement while one of our instructors Noel walked up to her and asked “how can I help you?”  “is this trash?  Who put it here? The child asked curiously.

When Noel explained where the coconut came from and how it drifted for miles and found a beach and explained water dispersal of seeds, her jaw dropped, I’m talking about the teacher here, “It didn’t strike me’ said the teacher, “that’s a perfect example” she exclaimed. What followed was a journey for both the child and her teacher, for the first time they started seeing things, observing the clues casually scattered by nature. Exoskeleton from the shells, adaptation from the mole crabs, composition of sand and food web from the bycatch, nature revealed itself. The unmatched merit of Nature’s way is that it inculcates self learning,learning for the sake of learning and learning by doing which other systems find hard to accomplish. The natural world is the new classroom, a classroom without walls, with limitless possibilities.

So next time when take your child outdoor, please take time to stop and observe nature, search for the clues planted by her, in the trees, in the soil, in the clouds and when she speaks to your child, you’ll be amazed.  Stay tuned for more