Know Your Snakes – Chennai

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India shares a unique relationship with these legless reptiles. They are revered as gods also killed at sight. The myths that surround snakes even captured the imagination of Indian film makers, spreading the phobia further. Chennai has been always the … Continued

Rider of the storm

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She quit her job and moved to Mamallapuram. A look at how surfing has transformed this fishing community. Read More

All set to SUP

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Glide through a river. Dive off your paddle into a quarry filled with rain water. Explore a lake bustling with birds. PRIYADARSHINI PAITANDY discovers how stand-up paddleboarding expands your horizons. Read More

Step out of your zone

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Once in a while, make sure that you are that person in the room who knows the least. Step out of your zone, and be that wide-eyed student that you once used to be. Are you a finance guy? Then, … Continued

Yoga on a paddle board

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Zorba and Bay of Life organise a free paddle board yoga session on International Yoga Day (June 21). The event is being held in association with Knottt and The Park Hotel Chennai, and is supported by international surf company Quiksilver. … Continued

Sporting at a whole new level

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Here are some of the offbeat sporting opportunities the city has to offer. A quick shout out to all the girls out there — there don’t seem to be enough of you on the field! Read More

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