How to drown in the ocean.

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A funny post for ocean awareness and that anyone can drown in the ocean if they try really hard! Here is a list of things people have been doing to achieve perfect results, you are some who does these things … Continued

Anyone Can Float

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Not everyone born becomes a Michael Phelps who can swim like a pro. There are a couple of people I have personally come across who say they know basic swimming but once their legs can’t reach the bottom they start … Continued

Venomous Marine Animals

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    The sea may be a place to have fun. But it also is home to a number of dangerous marine animals who never really attack but could be fatal if they come in contact with you accidentally. There … Continued

Meet the Chennai Mole Crabs!

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Meet the Chennai Mole Crabs!   With a size not more than 35mm long, mole crabs also known as Sand crabs. They are the unseen residents of our Chennai sandy beaches that live in the swash zone. Living in this … Continued

Types of Ocean Waves

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  This article is not meant for Kelly Slater, Kai Lenny or Alana blanchard but rather for those who just got hooked to surfing recently or been surfing for a while yet not very familiar with the technical details of … Continued

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