The Rising Trends InTeam Outing In Chennai

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How many of us have realised after endless internet searches that the most fun group activity to do in Chennai up until recently was laser tag? Trying to make weekend plans with friends or colleagues is a daunting task most of the time. Having been tasked to plan a corporate team outing a few times, I came to the conclusion that doing the regular hullabulla of bowling followed by team lunches has gotten a bit boring and too much of the norm of late. Looking for something that inspires team building, something that everyone agrees to take part in, something different is not as hard as one might think.
Living along the coast, it’s a shame that we don’t include surfing and water sports to our repertoire of “insane” weekend activities. Surfing picked up speed in Chennai a few years ago, and since then it’s captured a lot of people’s hearts. Not only do you learn a new sport, but you connect with the environment around you. You see what the condition of the ocean is, where all the garbage we dump goes out. But besides that, the ocean also has a lot of wonders to offer. For example, during the season (March-September) a few lucky souls have even gotten stung by jellyfish! But not to worry, unlike in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we just need some vinegar on the sting site to make it better.
A novel idea for a team outing would be a day planned at the beach. Some surfing, kayaking, stand up paddling and if you’re lucky enough, some dolphin sighting. Yup, dolphin sighting off our very own coast. A fellow surfer even claims to have been surrounded by dolphins, when he was out in the water surfing, at one point during the season.
The idea behind this plan is to bolster team spirit while raising awareness for our oceans and water bodies at the same time. Not only do people from different strata and walks of life come together to teach and learn about the ocean. Having lived along the coast my whole life, I have lived appreciating the ocean. But what about people from landlocked places? Who fear the ocean just because it is so vast and unknown? These corporate outings could be a new way to introduce people to water sports.

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