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I have never surfed before, is Bay of Life Surf School the right one for me?

ANS: That’s the point of a surf school isn’t it? Many of our students have never surfed before, so dont worry, if you can swim 10 meters, you can get ready for the time your life!

Why Bay of Life Surf School?

ANS: Bay of Life is Chennai’s first and Tamilnadu’s only accredited Surf School,accredited by The Surfing Federation of India and Surfing and Water Sports Association of Tamilnadu.  All our Trainers are certified in Basic Life Support by TACT INDIA, and aWilderness First Responder Certification from The National Outdoor Leadership School, Wyoming USA. We have two current national Champions , one international runner up and three of our trainers are in the Indian Official Surf Team.

Do I need to know to swim to learn surfing?

ANS : Yes, of course. You won’t learn much if you wear a life vest. However, if you want to try it out for just the experience, you are welcome to do with our life vests on.

Do I need to know swimming to learn stand up paddling?

ANS:  If you are learning only flat water stand up paddling a life vest will do the trick. if you want to learn to catch waves on a sup, you will be required to know swimming. Having said that, knowing to swim is important.

What’s the best time of the day for beginners?

ANS : Mornings are perfect , say 8 am onwards, depending on the high – low tide cycles, afternoon 3 pm works too!