Watersports intern

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OVERALL ROLE: To ensure all visitors to Bay of Life, Kovalam Chennai have a safe, fun and enjoyable experience. Coaching: – Check the number of the group, any medical issues and the activity to be carried out with the daily … Continued

The changing face of team outings

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CHANGING FACE OF TEAM OUTINGS in CHENNAI Chennai is waking up to a new team outing that’s beyond just eating, drinking and sleeping in a resort! Every time a team outing is planned the team is riddled with multiple opinions … Continued

Marketing: Outdoor Science

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Marketing development executive – Education service As the marketing development executive, you will play a critical role in the success of the organization by helping to identify, contact, and educate prospective new customers. This is a hybrid role for someone … Continued


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Join the fun and try your hand at surfing! Choose from our 2, 3 and 5 day programs and make the ocean your playground!   SURFING * OCEAN SWIMMING * MARINE LIFE ONE ON ONE SURF LESSONS WITH EXPERT

Our Surf School Video

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  International Surf lessons in India and Stand Up paddling. Our objective is to make surfing in India easy and enjoyable. You can feel the rush of  adrenalin at the  comfort of surfing with the experts at Bayof life Surf School Chennai.

Surfing Etiquette

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Surfing Etiquette is probably the best development in organized surfing. These rules (not really rules in that sense) are super important during competitions and casual surfing. Disobeying these rules can get one disqualified from the competition. But if these etiquette … Continued

About Ocean Safety

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Surf Conditions to look out for Lateral Currents :  What are they? Littoral or Lateral currents are ocean currents that flow parallel to the beach or shore line. These currents vary in speed from rapid-flowing to subtle movements. These currents don’t … Continued

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