An encounter with the triggerfish : A True Story

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Trigger Fish Chennai ECR

Being a PADI Divemaster in the Andaman Islands is like a dream job for many.

“But with great power, comes great responsibility”

Being a Divemaster you are solely responsible of your guest’s safety diving with you. From the time they enter the shop to the dive itself until they leave the shop.

So it was like any other day and I had only one guest to dive a familiar site. Slight underwater currents were prevailing so we planned our dive based on it and stuck to the plan. Half way into the dive. I signal my guest who was also my dive buddy that there is a Titan trigger fish coming at us at full speed, seeing this fish a thousand times he replied in a very uncaring manner signaling “OK”. Looking at the fish I was screaming in my mind “Hey its coming right at us!” and started moving away from the fish like my life depended on it.

Now before I move forward into the story, let me tell you why these trigger fish are dangerous.

For one it has a mean bite and two, Titan trigger fish always are most defensive where there is a nest nearby. These fish have a conical shape radius of a nest which they protect vertically.

So keep in mind if you ever pass over one always remember to swim away from that spot horizontally to avoid attacks. And these fish are really aggressive during mating and nesting season. Now coming back to my story, the fish kept swimming towards the nest and back at us frantically.

It stopped attacking me and started attacking my buddy’s fin the same way and repeated it for about 5-6 times before both of us got out of its way. Seeing this and going through this mildly scary incident we would have used up at least 20 bar of our air during that dive.

So every time thereafter whenever I used to see these trigger fish I would swim all the way around it even with my guests just not to have the same scary yet funny experience. Just to let you know these fish are just protecting it young, just how we human would protect our own, just that this was so much scarier.Triggerfish Chennai Kovalam